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How to apply for a DBS for Skelton United FC

Start your DBS application

If you wish to volunteer as a coach or assistant, we will need to apply for a DBS check and this will require the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) to add your details to the FA Whole Game Syste, (WGS) and verify the documents selected during the process.

Initially we will require your

FAN (the FA number)

Please send them to

If you do not have a FAN

If you do not have a FAN you can register on the FA Whole Game System (WGS) here.  

On the FA Website, please click "Sign In" at the top right hand side of the page
click the RED "Sign Up" button. 
Follow the on screen instructions

Online Application form

Once we receive your details (as listed above) , an application link will be added to your FA dashboard in WGS under the “My DBS” tab
(a guide to help you to complete the online part can be downloaded here).

There is no cost to you for the DBS as the club will cover this expense.

Document Verification

Document Verification

You will need to meet a Welfare Officer (CWO) to verify the documents you have selected during the online process.

A list of accepted documents can be downloaded by clicking here

Once the DBS has been cleared and accepted by the FA, you can start train with a team.

Receive your DBS

Once the club receives confirmation that your DBS has cleared, you will be able to join your team and take part in training sessions and matches.

You MUST NOT join in with sessions until this has been approved. (This is a legal requirement to work with children)



You will receive a certificate within a few weeks of acceptance.  We do not need to see this as we will receive details of your status electronically on the WGS